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samedi 5 septembre 2015

Nombreux articles d'actualités

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États-Unis : Pannes majeures de réseaux de communication et d’Internet :

Edward Snowden estime qu’Hillary Clinton devrait être poursuivie :

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  1. "The meetings attended were chalked full of encouraging/disturbing information of the escalation in the shadow war that has increased now below as it did above between the Earth Alliance Factions (Between each other & the opposition) and the Secret Earth Governments/Syndicates (Between each other & the Alliance). I met very briefly with a new organization as well as briefly with the ancient break away groups (More of a meet and greet). I have received more information about what is going on and the battle over the timeline and the narrative of disclosure. Many times these meetings and situations are shocking to me and I need a moment to wrap my mind around the ramifications of what it all means. I cannot imagine what it will be like in a full disclosure event for the sleeping masses. There is a lot going on down here right now and none of it is quite what it seems. Even now through the Truther Community and others our mass co-creative consciousness is being used against us in a very cunning way to create a reality/timeline that suits the opposition. The next few months are important, but please do not focus your energy/consciousness on September alone. Discernment is going to be paramount now more than ever. That being said I now need to process the information and get it documented. TY CG"

    dernier commentaire de Corey à traduire :)

  2. J'avais justement l'intention de traduire ce texte aujourd'hui.
    Merci pour l'information !

  3. J'ai VRAIMENT beaucoup de traduction à faire ... Je vais faire tout ce que mes vieux neurones me permettent ... Je m'excuse des délais.


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